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Previous Workshops

Painting With Acrylics - inspiration from other artists

Mural Joe

Graeme Stevenson - Colour In Your Life

Janet Knight

Jim Cobb - Chroma Paints

Linda MacAuley

Richard Robinson

Ryan O'Rourke

Steve Harris

Dick Millott - The Struggling Artist

Mark Waller - 2016 - What a Year!

John Magne Lisondra

Chuck Black - Wildlife Artist

Adrian Reynolds - Ren Creative Works

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How To Paint a Tropical Sunset "Tropical Sunset" step by step painting

How To Paint Dolphins "Dolphin Family - Underwater" step by step painting

How to Paint Tropical Water "Coral Reef - Underneath" step by step painting

How to Paint a Tropical Beach "Tropical Beach" step by step painting

How to Paint Pandanus "Painting Pandanus" step by step painting

Water Fundamentals - how to paint with Mark Waller downloadable conceptual tutorial

More on Water - how to paint with Mark Waller downloadable conceptual and demonstrative tutorial

Wave Fundamentals - how to paint with Mark Waller downloadable conceptual and demonstrative tutorial

Water - Foam & Whitewash - how to paint with Mark Waller downloadable conceptual tutorial

Tips & Techniques - how to paint with Mark Waller downloadable demonstrative tutorial

3 pack of DVDs - how to paint with Mark Waller

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Starting Up...Smarter Ebooklet

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