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Sustainable Canvas Company.
Small Aussie company = big difference
to our planet.

Using 100% recycled ocean plastics, Alanah Jarvis is now
making a splash in the art world!

Sustainable Canvas company is Australia’s first canvas for artists made from ocean plastic. The priming of the canvas is done in Australia, and it is the world’s first primed recycled artist canvas available by the roll, setting a new standard in eco-conscious art supplies. The unprimed option allows artists to customise their canvas to their unique preferences, such as texture and weight.

As this innovative canvas is crafted from man-made fibres, the canvas is archival, resistant to humidity and temperature, and is mould resistant ensuring that artwork will stand the test of time. 

As a former scuba dive instructor who has dived across the world, Alanah Jarvis witnessed the increasing prevalence of plastic pollution and how it has tarnished once pristine aquatic eco systems. Motivated by these first hand experiences, Alanah merged her two passions, creativity and marine conservation to create the Sustainable Canvas company. 

Alanah Jarvis - artist and founder of Sustainable Canvas

Alanah founded Sustainable Canvas company with two goals in mind, to provide Australian artists a canvas of the upmost quality, but also to put plastic that would otherwise be polluting our oceans and potentially causing harm to marine animals, to good use.

After years of meticulous research and design refinement, Alanah engineered a product that not only meets the demanding standards of professional artists but also upholds stringent environmental principles. The result is Australia's first canvas crafted from reclaimed ocean plastic, a testament to Alanah's unwavering commitment to sustainability and creativity.

From the Tiwi Islands to Tasmania, artists have embraced Sustainable Canvas. Alanah’s aim is to continue to inspire a new era of sustainable artistry, where creativity and environmental responsibility intersect harmoniously.

Sustainable Canvas company, helping artists protect the world they love to paint.

divider image of wet paint

We were lucky enough to be able to "test drive" this great product with incredible results.  The canvas being completely a man-made fibre was in face a *little* more difficult to stretch, and the other discernible difference between it and a "normal" poly-cotton canvas was that the drying time was extended quite a bit.  And this is actually great for a combination hot Aussie summer and large gradation area, but required a bit of a shift in my process :)

To check out the playlist of our shorts here where I trialled Sustainable Canvas from the Sustainable Canvas company for the first time, see the series below:

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use this code at checkout:  EXPLORE10

Mark Waller's finished image painted on Sustainable Canvas, "Hugo's Spot"

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