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Workshops past. Been & gone. Delve into past notes, info and stories.

Mark Waller's workshops past - discover what was learned about, talked about, laughed about and consumed with gusto!

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The Lamp Shop

A friend of mine, who likes my artwork, took a trip to Egypt a couple of years ago. While he was there, he took a picture of a lamp shop and good naturedly!)

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On the Rocks

I was born in Versailles (France) and studied art in Paris, where I met my Australian husband who was studying architecture. I followed him to Australia

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Just for fun

Hi, I have been painting and drawing literally my whole life. Have done commercial work and freelanced. I particularly enjoy wildlife painting. One

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My palette knife seascape

Having moved to Hawaii, I decided I wanted to paint the ocean in a more abstract style, so I picked up a palette knife and used my fingers for this quick

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Remembering Brian

This is me loose with my Atelier Interactive paints, slow medium, retarder and pallet knife. Doing a little study that Brian Cook was working up to present

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Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

I live in Singapore for the past 4 years now. When I came here first and the evening came upon, I saw the city illuminate with lights and the reflections

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Angel Mine

This was part of a 30 day challenge. The idea being, that you have to change your canvas every day for 30 days. It sounds easy but it was a big challenge

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End of a Beautiful Day

I retired 2015 and up to that time I had often said “When I have time, I want to learn to paint”. I enjoyed many paint by numbers as a child. I love

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Upcoming Workshops with Mark Waller

Upcoming workshops & tutorials in your local areas, check here!

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Adrian Reynolds. Ren Creative Works

Adrian Reynolds is the brainchild behind Ren Creative Works. In this interview, we ask Adrian ten questions to see what really makes him tick!

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Sheep in the Fingal Valley Tasmania

I had dabbled in decorative art but desired to actually paint a rural scene as I am from farming. I travelled to Ethan near Melbourne to Linda Macauley’s

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Beachscapes - paint recipes book - color mixes that work.

Mark Beachscapes - paint recipes (hard copy) book is now available! Start painting your beautiful beachscape today!

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