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Surprising a Kangaroo Mumma With Her Joey

I love to take a late afternoon walk in Shepherd’s Bush Reserve which is near my house. One day when I was walking along, the late afternoon sun was shining

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This is a performing artist that comes to our local Renaissance Fair every year. I got a couple of good photos of her and did this painting from it

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Super excited today for a few reasons, it was my 'finish off' painting day and this is one of them. Plus I booked a little holiday. It's been a year with

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Universal Medium and Varnish - more versatile than you can imagine.

Universal Medium and Varnish - use it for more than just sealing you work - it truly is universal!

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Morning Stroll

Hello Wonderful Explore People, I hope you are well and staying safe. This is a recent oil painting as part of my Aussie Coastal Series soon to be released.

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This is my favorite painting by a mile! It’s not because I am the greatest artist or for any other action that I took to create it. I am simply head

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Up Close

Hello Explore Peeps, Hope you are all well. This is my most recent oil painting - one of 6 of my Aussie coastal series. It's a snippet from a location

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North of Paradise

We are very lucky in WA, being able to move around freely. This week I spent some time, north of Perth, in a beautiful little town called Kalbarri.

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3D Acrylic Cube

I painted over a used canvas with an acrylic pour, to use as background. Then I added the pattern to give a 3D effect. To make the pattern more interesting

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I'm still having a blast with acrylic seascapes. Am very pleased with some new tricks and techniques I discovered while painting this one - Movement.

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Lime in Seltzer Water

My Difficult and Yet Satisfying Acrylic Painting. I am a self-taught artist. I used to draw when I was a child all the time. It was my go-to when I

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Snorkeling trip inspiration

I joined your Perth workshop a few years ago, Mark, and learnt so much about painting water, both above and below the ocean. After spending a few weeks

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Planet Covid

My sister wanted me to paint her a galaxy. She loves Star Trek so I painted a galaxy with planet Covid and if you look real closely you can see the Starship

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