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Discover Acrylic Painting Techniques To Fill Your Paintings With Life!

The process of exploration is one of the most exciting things about acrylic painting.  The excitement of a new discovery, and the possibilities for painting it make me jump up and down like a small child (possibly not far from the truth!).  

But where do you start? And where to next? How do you create wonderful paintings that sparkle and pop?

How do you get great, simple information that is also fun?

Easy........ just keep reading.

Painting processes and techniques are something I feel should be accessible for everyone.  No elitism here.  Professional or beginner, we can all learn and share.

Learn how to paint landscapes with light and zest!

Landscapes With Life!

Explore the basics of acrylic painting - exciting first steps.

The Basics

Discover acrylic painting tips to save you some pain (and some paint!)

Tips To Save Your Pain

Need some inspiration?  Check here for ideas to kickstart your painting brain

Stuck For Ideas?

Learn how to paint amazing, luminous clear tropical water

Learn To Paint Water Like This

Acrylic painting techniques for you to discover, experiment with and refine

Painting Techniques

What excites you about your painting with acrylics?  Is it the process of exploration and discovery? Preparing your surface?  Actually pushing paint around?

...And what frustrates you?  Mixing colors?  Wrestling with your paintbrushes?  Creating compositions that pop?  Or, just knowing when to stop?

Discover on this site:

~  the potential of acrylic paints

~  the way acrylic mediums work 

~  how limiting your brushes can be a good thing 

~  how improving your palette set up can improve your paintings 

~  the simple complexity of a seascape

~  realism techniques

~  how your underpainting can set up your piece 

~  how to paint cloudsskyscapes and heaps more

~  learn how to create amazing realism in your water paintings 

Growing up on the sunny, light-filled north coast of NSW in Australia, my world was (and still is) full of magic and wonder. Celebrating the amazing nuances of light, shade, tone, colour and texture, on canvas, is my life's work.

The process of creating art can lift us up - inspire us, even enlighten us.

Whatever style of work you do, I want you to explore new techniques.  To discover some new painting processes, tools and workspace setups that might save you some pain. To show you how to fill your images with light and life!  And, most importantly, to have fun while you're at it.  I use Artists quality acrylic paints by Chroma Australia, Atelier Interactive and Atelier Free Flow.

Take some time out and really explore your love of acrylic painting. Your curiosity about the world will be refreshed.

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