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Atelier Free Flow.  Go With The Flow and Be Free. (Sorry).

Discover the incredible pigment loading and flow of this exciting new product, Atelier Free Flow. 

Atelier Free Flow all lined up

One of the contradictions with acrylic paint is being able to get the paint to travel long distances without losing any intensity. 

It seems to be that the process of thinning it enough breaks down all your pigment, and leaves you with something more akin to watercolor paint, but without the strong colour. 

Atelier Free Flow solves these problems.  At the risk of sounding like a Chroma sales person, the paint really does flow beautifully off the brush, without losing any strength of colour. 

Even ordinarily slightly transparent colours like yellows and whites, cover beautifully.  In fact I’ve taken to using the Free Flow Titanium White whenever I have to draw out long lines, or I want good, strong coverage in one hit.  No more building up white in layers till you eventually get a bright enough white.

Because it covers wonderfully, and dries with a matt finish, Atelier Free Flow is great for underpainting.  You can cover the canvas easily and quickly.  As well as that, the matt finish gives your next coat something great to hold onto.

Because it covers and flows so well, it also blends beautifully while it’s still wet.  Lovely gradations of colour are reasonably simple.

The range of colours is spectacular and a touch overwhelming (not a bad thing, unless you’re a Libran).   I find it difficult to believe that a couple of them are not radioactive (they’re not).  Holy luminosity batman!  Sometimes I just like to just look at the colours in the bottles.  Is that wrong?  It feels a little wrong.  I digress….overshare??

The mobility of this paint makes it incredibly versatile.  You can throw it, brush it, roll it, apply it however you want.  Being liquid though, it doesn’t give you much “build” on the surface.  

Atelier Free Flow also blends beautifully with other Atelier products like Heavy Gel Gloss (impasto gel), Glazing Liquid, etc.

Everything has a pro and a con.  We’ve mentioned the pros.  The cons are purely based around what you want the paint to do.  If you want build, this is not the paint for you.  (Unless you spend at least $3000 and apply repeatedly for 2 years*).

If you want a glossy finish?  This is not the paint for you.  Unless you add a layer of Gloss over the top, which you can totally do.

Atelier Free Flow is very different to Atelier Interactive, in that it behaves like a normal acrylic (in terms of drying time, I mean).  It will not re-open, so you have to get it right first time, BUT, it’s fluidity does seem to give you more time than a “normal” acrylic (not Atelier Interactive though - this is the best stuff for blending).

If you’re not interested in using a product like this, at the very least buy yourself a bottle of White and a reasonable liner brush.  You’ll be surprised at how often you end up using it.

Have fun kids!  For a bit more on what you can achieve with Atelier Free Flow and a fun example, check out the videos below.

*exaggeration may be used for comical** effect

**relative, depending on your sense of humour, which if you’re still reading at this point, is questionable.

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