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Art Education

Your free Acrylic Painting Basics downloadable DVD awaits!

As teachers we're always looking for great, free art education resources to assist with our teaching practice, and enhance our students' learning outcomes. 

You may not even be an art teacher.  You may be a science teacher filling in.  Either way, you need excellent teaching resources that produce skills in all facets of painting. 

Many current teaching resources do not address basic painting skills like manipulating paint, brush technique and setting up your space.  This one does.  And, makes art education fun and easier for everyone. 

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Chroma Australia and I have produced this excellent, free, info-packed and practical 15 minute downloadable video tutorial especially for you, titled "Acrylic Painting Basics".  

This tutorial was created specifically to assist you in teaching basic painting skills in a fun, simple and practical way. 

Developing students conceptual skills is obviously important. Equally important though, is developing students' ability to use their paint and their brushes.   

Using student quality Chromacryl paints, I demonstrate some of the fundamentals of painting in order to create a sun-drenched, light-filled beachscape.  

Skills include:

  • Setting up your workspace
  • Managing your palette
  • Gradation - small and large areas
  • Finer brush technique
  • Stacks of tips to create great paintings

This video meets current NSW Stage 4/5 Visual Arts Learning Outcomes 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 5.4.

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Running Time:   Approx 15 minutes

Size:  Approx 152 MB


AAC Stereo Audio

Screen Resolution:  720 x 404

MPEG-4 file (MP4). Playable on QuickTime Player (or your favourite media player). To get the latest version of QuickTime Player for your Mac or PC, click here. 

NB:  This is a LARGE file and may take some time to download.  It has been optimised for the best viewing size versus download time.

If you have broadband your download should be reasonably quick.  If not, it will be slow!  

OR, if you'd rather just watch the clip instead of downloading it - here it is!  Enjoy.  That's what art education is all about.

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