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Setting Up Smarter...

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Ever wanted to go into a painting without the background clutter?

Setting yourself up to paint freely is something you need to be thinking about.

"Setting Up...Smarter"

is our 22 page ebooklet chock full of information guaranteed to get you out of procrastination mode,
into your painting zone, fast!

Beginners through to advanced -
there are practical tips in here for all of us.

Free Your Mind = Enable Your Zone

(minimum AUD$2.50)

Download the First 3 Pages Right Here **FREE*!!!

(min.) AUD$2.50
Suggested Donation AUD$4.00
(the artist needs coffee!)




Why Setting Up Is Important

Each Area Broken Down To Ease You Into Your New Free Creative Space

Avoid Traps

How To Create A Mishap-Free Workspace

You May Have Downloaded Ebooks On Setting Up Before - How Many Allow Your Mind To Be Clear?

Finally - An Ebooklet That Gets You Started & Releases You From Mind Clutter

Areas Covered:

Create a Workspace That Liberates You

Managing Your Paint & Palette, How & What To Dish Out, & Why

Your Brushes - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Light

The Best Easel For Your Painting Situation

Keeping Your Acrylic Paint Workable

Painting Surfaces

Mark wishes he knew this stuff 20 years ago!
He's taken out the bumps for you - - enjoy!!

start yourself up smarter and get painting with our second ebooklet

Explore the second ebooklet in our series:
"Starting Up...Smarter"
Download the first 3 pages

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