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Beachscapes Paint Recipe Book
*downloadable version*

Not sure where to begin with your beachscapes?

These beautiful, simple colour recipes will see you on your way to painting glorious, sun-drenched, tropical beachscapes in no time.

Making a painting doesn't have to be complicated.  Using Atelier Interactive artists acrylics by Chroma Australia, we've put together my favourite beachscape recipes, breaking them down for you into manageable elements:

  • Sky and Clouds
  • Sand Dunes and Grasses
  • Distant Hills
  • Tropical Water
  • Waves and Whitewash

Whilst these recipes appear simple at first glance, they are also extremely versatile!

This 32 page downloadable studio reference guide has interactive features with accompanying video tutorials and webpages accessible via clickable/tappable links built into the PDF.





  • Simple colour mixes to help you get the start you need with your beachscape paintings.
  • Powerful concepts that will add dimension, depth and atmosphere to your beachscapes.
  • Tips and techniques along the way to assist developing your brush technique for clouds, foliage and more.
  • The ability to construct a beautiful beachscape painting using the colour mixes and elements provided in this downloadable PDF!
  • *Bonus* beachscape foliage samples and swatch areas for gorgeous Coconut, Banksia, Pandanus and Casuarina trees.
  • Plenty of space to mix and match your own swatches.
  • Accelerate your painting process to produce sun-drenched, lifelike beachscapes in no time!




Tech Info:

32 page PDF document

Size approximately 53MB - may take a few minutes to download depending on your internet service - please be patient!

You will need a strong internet connection and data availability. Save on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod or iPad) using a PDF reader such as Apple Books or similar.

Important Note:  Colours on screen can differ between device monitors and printers.  We have taken every care to ensure colour matching is accurate between samples and swatches, however we can take no responsibility for potential colour mis-matches when printed on a home printer.

To view the companion videos, click below:




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Customer Feedback:

Hi Frankie

It has taken me a bit of time to get back to you!

Have been playing around with the pdf version of the book on my computer to give you a review on how that works rather than a print version.

Firstly, love the format.

Graphically it is instantly identifiable as Mark’s work.

It links to all the other branding you guys have undertaken.

So a strong sense of coherence between all your other info media - Website, DVDs, Youtube & eNewsletter Acrylics Anonymous.

I imagine that as I have previously done a workshop with Mark, I get a strong sense of familiarity with the contents of the booklet .. so there may be an unintentionally bias in the comments below!!!!!!!!!!

Overall, there is a clear & logical flow to the way the contents are presented .. again, like being in a workshop.

Starting with the sky & naturally building to the final vegetation components. I can see that if you had not done a workshop you could follow a natural progression (especially with all the external links from the QR codes) that would potentially lead to a finished composition using the colour mixing suggested.

Strong information regarding the colour mixing process & why the colours are being used - why do you use that colour & what effect it will have! Coming from a strong limited palette & colour mixing background this has great appeal for me. 

I haven’t printed the whole document to work off but I think if you had a good quality printer & could laminate the pages with the try out white sections that would be a great tool for some one to experiment with their colour mixing.

As it is, I have done the mixes on a clear laminated sheet & held them up to my computer screen for comparison. 

My printer is Pixma MP560 & colour reproduction is by no means accurate.

The graphics card on my computer (iMac) seems more realistic to the colours I remember from the workshop & the pieces I have hanging in my studio done in that workshop.

The type of computer & graphics card may have an impact on the overall experience for some individuals working off the pdf on a computer.

Using the QR reader on my phone I can link to all the video connections and watch them on my phone!

Better still I use this link & type into the computer & view here whilst I have the pdf alongside.

My screen is fairly large - 27 inch so works for me! If you were working on a smaller screen it may not be enjoyable flipping & flopping backwards & forwards.

Hope this helps in someway!

From my point of view - well - I love it! It works for me!

I am looking forward to some greater time with my brushes next year due to changes in commitments so the purchase for me has come at just the right time to push the boundaries of my usual traditional European Folk Art base.

Again, big thanks for the effort. 

It is not an easy task to publish a ‘How to’ guide that has broad appeal & use for all levels of experience.

I could definitely see this booklet as a great addition to a workshop especially if included in the overall costs!!

Kind regards


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