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Modern Abstract Art. 
A gateway to your unlimited imagination.

Leave behind the “rules” of
modern abstract art. 
Consider some simple techniques and inspirations to create your own.

Modern abstract art could be described as anything that deviates from reality in any way.  Basically that means that just about anything you paint that is in someway “unreal” could be abstract. 

Artwork that alters shapes or colours, in even small ways, can be described as partially abstract.  In actual fact, most paintings could really be described as abstract, as creating an image which is “perfect” is almost impossible.

Pure abstract art would have no relation to anything recognisable or “real”.  Hooray!  That gets you off the hook!  Anytime that you haven’t achieved that “realistic” feel that you wanted - good news - it’s abstract!  You have created abstract art.  Good for you.  Now you just have to justify and explain it.  Make up a story with lots of big words, throw in a “juxtapose” and a word we’ve just discovered “versimilitude” (thanks Wikipedia).  This actually means “the appearance of being true or real”.  Words are cool.    

Creating modern abstract art with Mark Waller.  Easy Peasy.

Jokes out of the way, the truth is that painting modern abstract art can be a fulfilling and exciting process.  It requires a certain amount of confidence and skill with a brush, depending on what you are trying to achieve.  If you have a clear picture in your mind of what you want to create, you need the skills with the brush and paint to make that happen.  

If you are happy to hurl brushes and paint at a canvas, and allow it to take the shapes that it does,  then you’re well on your way to creating your own abstract art.   This only requires a reasonable throwing arm (and aim - woops sorry Fluffy), and vast quantities of paint.  Sounds like fun to me. 

There’s a certain amount of excitement about the thought of just chucking paint at something in various ways, until it either looks great, or you fall on the ground exhausted.  Who knows what you’ll create?  There’s magic in that.

Create your own:

Creating modern abstract art on one of Mark's old palettes!
  • Forget brushes!
  • Use rulers, airbrushes, childrens hands, what the hey, t-bone steaks.  Use your imagination.  If you start getting serious about it, then you have to justify it.
  • Forget canvas!  Plaster, surfboards, old fridges, fans, you name it.  They can all be part of the abstraction.
  • Strike your canvas with rope dipped in paint.
  • Scratch into the surface with an old credit card or chisel.
  • Be confident.  (Especially when other people question it.)

Have fun.  Or suffer.  The choice is yours!

One of Mark's examples of modern abstract art - water study.

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