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Happy Painting everyone - now let's get into it!

Charlie on the Beach

This old guy was commissioned by a good friend as a gift for her daughter who lives in Australia! We are in Iowa, so it’s exciting me that she is coming

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The Rise

This is a recent painting I finished, and at the time working on it I can honestly say was the most enjoyable seascape I've done, until the next lol.

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Dream Home

This seascape oil painting for me is a special piece. I was experimenting with colours as I frequently do. When doing sunsets I normally stick with pinks

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This one began as a chill piece from memory of the beautiful Tasmanian wilderness surrounding me. In summer we have many fishing, camping and en plein

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My happy play with colours and wave splash!

I painted these ones a while ago now - acrylic block in and finishing in oils. Inspired by the beautiful Tassie coast, as many of my pieces are now.

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Bon Voyage

Exploring new color palettes makes the creative adventure interesting. I was always painting with the same palette and recently started to pull in more

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Upcoming Workshops with Mark Waller

Upcoming workshops & tutorials in your local areas, check here!

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A year and a half ago If you asked my artistic ability I would have stated I can barely draw a smiley face or doodle letters. I am a lefty and although

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Tropical Breeze

I am very much a happy painter and love Mark's instruction and of course his work. Using his water methods that I see in this painting every time I happen

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I love to paint with acrylics. I love its simplicity. You just need color, canvas, palette and water. I don't use any retarder for my paintings, because

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Workshops past. Been & gone. Delve into past notes, info and stories.

Mark Waller's workshops past - discover what was learned about, talked about, laughed about and consumed with gusto!

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Konyak of Nagaland, The Warriors

Konyak are one of the Naga tribes of Nagaland. One of the North Eastern states of India. They are uniquely distinguishable by their pierced ears, tattoos

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Tropical Retreat

I’ve been painting for 35 years. I changed my style and to my amazement really enjoy painting more now than ever. I’ve recently found myself with two

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