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Workshops past. Been & gone. Delve into past notes, info and stories.

Mark Waller's workshops past - discover what was learned about, talked about, laughed about and consumed with gusto!

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Upcoming Workshops with Mark Waller

Upcoming workshops & tutorials in your local areas, check here!

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Tips for self isolation in this crazy time of coronavirus.

How can we deal with these crazy times? Here's some tips for self isolation to help you stay creative and grounded during the pandemic.

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Beachscapes - paint recipes book - color mixes that work.

Mark Beachscapes - paint recipes (hard copy) book is now available! Start painting your beautiful beachscape today!

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My most popular abstract

I had turned 82 in January of 2017. In August, my wife told me that the hospital where she volunteered was offering a new service. That new service was

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Swept Away

Hello There, this is one of my recent paintings compliments of beautiful Atelier paints and weeks high on emotion. I've completely surprised myself lately

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Winter Wonderland - After the Storm

My brother recently built a new home at the foot of Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. As a house warming gift, I painted the attached scene.

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Since we didn't have the chance to go on vacation for quite a while, chained to the daily exhausting routine, I was constantly drawn to images of tropical

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A Walk In The Clouds

We went to Darjeeling in the month of May. Wrong month. Very rainy and misty. I called the mountains the misty mountains. The trip to Tiger Hill, getting

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Barn in the Country

I used to see lots of barns on our family weekend outings in the countryside of the Midwest U.S. Many of them had ads for “Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco”. That

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Charlie on the Beach

This old guy was commissioned by a good friend as a gift for her daughter who lives in Australia! We are in Iowa, so it’s exciting me that she is coming

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The Rise

This is a recent painting I finished, and at the time working on it I can honestly say was the most enjoyable seascape I've done, until the next lol.

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Dream Home

This seascape oil painting for me is a special piece. I was experimenting with colours as I frequently do. When doing sunsets I normally stick with pinks

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