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Upcoming Workshops with Mark Waller

Upcoming workshops & tutorials in your local areas, check here!

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Painting Pandanus. Don't Let These Screw Palms Screw With Your Head.

Discover a process for investigating and painting pandanus to simplify your experience.

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Indian Women

I am Debojyoti Boruah from Assam, India. These two paintings are my first Acrylic portrait painting experiments. In earlier days it was quite challenging

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Nostalgic Zubeen Garg

My name is Debojyoti Boruah and I am a self-taught artist from Assam, India. This particular painting is of Mr. Zubeen Garg, the most popular Indian singer

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A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day is a painting that I've always wanted to paint. A painting of Currumbin Beach and its Rock which is a special place where I spend a lot of

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Sitting in the Morning Sun in Branson Missouri

Hi everyone, we went to Branson Missouri for Thanksgiving holiday. I took a photo of my wife and daughter sitting on the porch enjoying a sunny morning.

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The Struggling Artist. Part 10 of Dick Millott's journey back to painting.

Dick Millott is the Struggling Artist. It’s been a while, but we’re delighted to join Dickie as he takes us on a bash around working BIG v working small.

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Loving Landscapes

I've been painting mainly landscapes with acrylics for 2 years and have thoroughly enjoyed every time I pick up the brush i'm in another zone. I've been

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I've always worked with water based paints - interior decorating - murals and trompe l'oeil - now I'm keen to develop a career as an acrylic artist.

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Workshops past. Been & gone. Delve into past notes, info and stories.

Mark Waller's workshops past - discover what was learned about, talked about, laughed about and consumed with gusto!

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Working Out Water

I am a self taught artist and love to learn all things nature. I am absolutely in love with the ocean and love to try to work out the movement and translucency

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Diggers Beach, Coffs Harbour

Apart from following a few youtube instructionals and a couple of online lessons I am self taught and have been painting for nearly 4 years. I love to

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I am fairly new to the whole acrylic on canvas process. Lulu is one of my three fur babies. All of them are rescue animals and each one has a very distinct

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