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Planet Covid

My sister wanted me to paint her a galaxy. She loves Star Trek so I painted a galaxy with planet Covid and if you look real closely you can see the Starship

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I love disappearing to that zone when painting, A wonderful quiet and serene place. Worlds apart from hustle and bustle, Far removed from reality to face.

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My Virus Masks

Only working part time has left me with every afternoon free to paint, and think and mess about and experiment ... Don't think I can go back full time

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Bluff Hill Point, West coast of Tasmania, Australia

The west coast of Tasmania in Australia is a wild place. Often the Roaring Forties bring huge swells crashing against the rugged coastline. You can feel

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Shorebreak Wave V-Log - Learn to Paint This Beautiful Wave

Learn how to paint this compelling shorebreak wave in the 45 minute downloadable tutorial

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Paint what you love

I am not sure if I have more time at the moment or just “different” time. During the first week of lockdown I ordered some paints and canvasses...something

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Winter is coming

Hi everyone. I have been painting for a couple of years now and was first inspired by Mark's beautiful work of Lennox Head. I grew up around the beaches

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Roaming Free

In these times of Covid and lockdowns the memories of our jungle trips bring a smile to the face. What days those were, when we too roamed free. This

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Along the Oregon Coast

I have been painting since 2000. My mum sat on my shoulder and said, “You really must do monetizing in your retirement,”. So, with help from friends,

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After I retired from full time work I went on a holiday to New Zealand. One of the places I stayed at was Greymouth on the West coast of the South Island.

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The Beautiful Mind

About 3 years ago for Christmas, my husband bought me a standard beginner's easel, because he remembered I used to like draw and paint before I had children.

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This is my story behind 'Strength'... Proud I was opening my new business - sharing my life, my dreams, my passion, that something special which fills

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Ms. Corona

I began painting at 50 years old, as a way of dealing with my father's terminal illnes. Painting is my therapy, it brings me so much comfort and joy,

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