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Beachscapes - paint recipes book - color mixes that work.

Mark Beachscapes - paint recipes (hard copy) book is now available! Start painting your beautiful beachscape today!

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I picked up paint and brush after 42 years at my daughter's encouragement. I used to do oils a long time back. I bought a couple of books to understand

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Bit Surprised

After 38 years of dreaming of being a painter. Drawing and working with graphite, charcoal, hard pastels and oil pastels, mostly beginner or novice quality

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Beyond the Palms

I wanted to share this painting as its been almost two years in the making!! Yep that's right - 2 years! I could tell you that I've been busy, got distracted

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Quiet Place to Think

I used to do pottery and ceramics. When decorating the pieces I found myself painting them, not just glazing them. I decided that painting was what I

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Chuck Black. Wildlife Artist and Passionate Conservationist.

Learn more about what makes Chuck Black "tick" in this candid interview about painting, passions and perserverance.

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Moon Boat

I am truly a novice, but have been having fun for a couple years with a group of friends who get together about once a week to paint. We paint rocks,

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The Snake Nebula

It's a short story really, my Husband thought, about 3 years ago, that when I retire boredom would kill me, and he was right. So 3 years ago he asked me

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Underwater Love

I'm constantly fascinated by marine life and coral reefs. I love snorkelling and find such an array of inspiration from the world that resides under the

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Surrealism Art. Intriguing and Surprising. Vive le Imagination!

Explore the essence of surrealism art, and three tips to get you thinking about how you can create your own.

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John Magne Lisondra. An Interview With This Inspiring Artist.

Find out more about prominent Youtuber John Magne Lisondra in our exclusive interview.

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Creating Mood. Let's Talk About Our Feelings.

Investigate three simple techniques for easily creating mood and drama in your landscape paintings.

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Paint An Aerial Landscape. A New Perspective.

Learn how to paint an aerial landscape and gain a new perspective on life.

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