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Tutorial Ebooklets:

Setting Up...Smarter

Setting Up...Smarter is Mark Waller's ebooklet designed to get you in the right space to make a great start on your paintings.

Ever wanted to go into a painting without the background clutter?

Setting yourself up to paint freely is something you need to be thinking about.

"Setting Up...Smarter"

is our 22 page ebooklet chock full of information guaranteed to get you out of procrastination mode,
into your painting zone, fast!

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Starting Up...Smarter

Mark Waller's 2nd ebooklet Starting Up...Smarter will have you ready to go with any painting you want to start on!

Imagine knowing exactly what your brushes will do in any given circumstance.

Imagine the freedom this knowledge will give you to create your own beautiful paintings!

"Starting Up...Smarter"

is the next ebooklet in our series!

Following on from "Setting Up...Smarter", this 29 page ebooklet guide focusses on building and investing in your relationship with your paintbrushes.

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