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Western Australian Queen

I started painting 6 months ago and am loving it. I am using acrylics - took me a while to work out how to do a wet palette and not have the paint dry

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My late Mum, who has been dead for 20 years, sat on my shoulder and told me to do something! So, I started to paint. Now, I spend my time painting

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Upcoming Workshops with Mark Waller

Upcoming workshops & tutorials in your local areas, check here!

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She Glows!

A year ago I switched to using only Chroma Interactive Artists Acrylics. I'd been asked to do a painting of one of my dragons. Needless to say I was

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This is a recent painting that I did. And I remember very well I had just moved into my new house. After a tiring day, I saw this canvas lying at the

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Lost Angel

Hmmm.. So I always enjoyed playing with colors.. fell in love with acrylics when I was in college.. but I never took this passion seriously enough to make

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Your Studio Companion. Limited Edition Hand Painted A5 Paint Recipes.

Lovingly hand painted by Mark, these scenes and swatches will give you a starting point with your landscapes.

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There's a bit of artistic talent that tends to run in my family, but until 2 years ago I'd never really tried my own hand at much in the art world. Then

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Mark Waller Artist. 2016 - What A Year.

2016 has been a nutty year. Here's an insight into Mark's thoughts and experiences from the year.

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Peggy's Cove Paintings

My name is Ruth E. Sager and about 3 years ago I started art as a hobby. I have never had a class and I am self taught. I draw and paint. I love painting

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Macchu Picchu painting

Hello there I started with painting in december 2014, since then I really love it! Mark was a big inspiration for me and my paintings. I love landscapes,

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Lost Girl

You can do so much with acrylics and I like to experiment! This painting is an alcohol reduction. If you've never done one, they are fun and messy and

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When Pigs Fly

After taking 2 maybe 3 simple painting classes I decided to spread my wings and fly so to speak, well technically I was pushed out of my plane that was

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