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Your Studio Companion. Limited Edition Hand Painted A5 Paint Recipes.

Lovingly hand painted by Mark, these scenes and swatches will give you a starting point with your landscapes.

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There's a bit of artistic talent that tends to run in my family, but until 2 years ago I'd never really tried my own hand at much in the art world. Then

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Mark Waller Artist. 2016 - What A Year.

2016 has been a nutty year. Here's an insight into Mark's thoughts and experiences from the year.

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Peggy's Cove Paintings

My name is Ruth E. Sager and about 3 years ago I started art as a hobby. I have never had a class and I am self taught. I draw and paint. I love painting

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Macchu Picchu painting

Hello there I started with painting in december 2014, since then I really love it! Mark was a big inspiration for me and my paintings. I love landscapes,

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Lost Girl

You can do so much with acrylics and I like to experiment! This painting is an alcohol reduction. If you've never done one, they are fun and messy and

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When Pigs Fly

After taking 2 maybe 3 simple painting classes I decided to spread my wings and fly so to speak, well technically I was pushed out of my plane that was

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Keeping a visual diary. Ideas and inspiration. A library at your fingertips.

Discover how keeping a visual diary will help improve your painting process and your mental state as well.

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Crashing - my first attempt with impasto gel and moulding paste I just noticed the face of the wave isn't quite right, but may or may not be too late

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I don't get too hung up on the outcome. Half the fun is seeing where the picture leads you. I like the comical side of life. Dia de Los Muertos is a

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Attempting "Best Seat in The House"

Hi Folks, This is my first attempt at Mark's Free painting lesson Best seat in the House. I made the mistake of using a canvas that's too small - 8

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A friend of mine posted a video clip of the ocean rolling in and out on the beach in Florida, USA. I stopped the video in various places where the waves

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Atelier Interactive Survey.

Take 30 seconds to let us know if you'd purchase Atelier Interactive from us direct.

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