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Winter is coming

by Steve Myers
(Tasmania )

East Coast Tassie

East Coast Tassie

Hi everyone.
I have been painting for a couple of years now and was first inspired by Mark's beautiful work of Lennox Head. I grew up around the beaches of the Gold and Sunshine Coast and have spent my life surfing these regions.

I am now in Tasmania and get to surf many unspoiled and uncrowded waves. I love how the seasons change on the sea and always get that “goose-bump” feeling of a winter swell approaching.

This painting is of the East coast of Tasmania and the beginning of a new swell and a chill in the air. The winds are offshore and the sea; clear and cool. I painted a smaller version of this wave on location. I then brought the painting home to try a larger version but felt somewhat removed from the feeling I had on the day I was there.

The result was many attempts and frustration to capture that feeling again. I am happy with the result now and learning is always fun. I continue to be inspired by the amazing work I see and happy to be part of a beautiful new world I have found.
Steve 😊

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Jun 01, 2020
Thank You NEW
by: Steve Myers

Thank you, Laura and Carol, for your kind words. Yes, Mark’s work is amazing, and I follow his art closely. I also like oils but have found acrylics a lot easier to work with because they dry quicker and I don’t have to wait too long for the next coat of paint 😊

I have been using the slow medium and retarder to slow down the drying time of the paint. I have also been trying to paint fast on the block in (something that Mark recommends) and then it is a matter of refining with glazes etc. Thank you for the encouraging comments and it is nice to be part of a positive art group.

Jun 01, 2020
Use retarded with Acrylics, make a wet palette
by: Carol Grey

Use wet palette, a plastic lunch box with sealer lid. Wet paper towel and put in box, cover with bake wrap. Keeps fresh for months especially in store in fridge. Using retarded slows drying time.

Jun 01, 2020
Welcome to our treasure. NEW
by: Carol Grey

Welcome Steve, .Love your painting, love Marks teaching. I was born here and love our island, use to go Cray fishing on the East Coast. I am starting to learn to paint, using acrylics. Also had lessons with Jules Sharman Art in Launceston. Paints beautiful waves.She also learnt some from Mark. Happy painting. Carol Grey. Launceston.tas

Jun 01, 2020
by: Anonymous

This painting is gorgeous! I follow Mark even though I work in oils. I love his work and adore his personality.
I’m very impressed with how you got such depth in your beautiful painting. I started in acrylic but struggled with drying too quickly so I switched for the "ethereal look."
Great job! Mark’s a great teacher.
Laura Brooks
Phoenix, Arizona

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