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When Pigs Fly

by Teresa Foshee
(Alexandria, Louisiana)

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly

After taking 2 maybe 3 simple painting classes I decided to spread my wings and fly so to speak, well technically I was pushed out of my plane that was flying above my city.

I gifted a simple painting I did in class to a local business owner who was going through a rough spot. It made him cry, and he and his wife gave me a deadline. I have a month before a local artwalk, where vendors display their work for sale.....a month.

I have nothing to show at the moment, but they wouldn't take no for an answer. I immediately in that instant thought of the perfect dive in piece! So I walked a block down from the coffee shop and took some photos, went home and got to work.

My very first solo project, I don't think I have the heart to part with it. I absolutely adore it, I spread my wings, and I'm flying....and so are my pigs! Yea I see a few flaws, and it's been sitting for 3 days as I battle the "should I fix it, or embrace it" thoughts....I've decided the sealant is going on as soon as I'm done writing this, gotta embrace those flaws!

So here we are, the left is the photo I took, the right is my first solo painting, all from my head to the canvas! No one telling me to use this brush or try that's all me. So my pigs are flying, my wings are stretched and I'm soaring in a new direction.

Downtown will come alive when pigs fly, but guess what...this one is already headed to the moon!

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