Untitled Pieces

by Sharon
(Katoomba, NSW, Australia)

Untitled 1

Untitled 1

I only started painting about 3 months ago only because I needed to fill a space on my wall.

I found some pictures on the internet (abstract ones) and though "I could do that surely"!

So I bought a canvas and some paint and did a rough copy of the pic I saw.

Since then I am on painting number 7 and have stumbled into painting seascape type pictures.

The first I did for Mum as a Xmas present and it turned out better that I thought it would.

The 3 pics I have put up are based on some photos of mine with exaggerated colours and a few accidental changes that I went with and worked out well (I think).

I stumbled across this site via YouTube and I think I will find it very helpful, Mark seems very down to earth with his tutorial and doesn't tell you that you HAVE to do things a certain way.

I have enjoyed looking at other people's stories about their artworks too.

I would appreciate any feedback. Hopefully my next piece will be better after watching the water tutorial.


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