Underwater Love

by Jenny Berry
(Adelaide, Australia)

Ningaloo Reef: Threadfin Butterfly

Ningaloo Reef: Threadfin Butterfly

Ningaloo Reef: Threadfin Butterfly
Blue Synergy

I'm constantly fascinated by marine life and coral reefs. I love snorkelling and find such an array of inspiration from the world that resides under the ocean.

Acrylics for me are the perfect medium because they can be opaque and rich and also watery and transparent. I like combining these two properties in many of my coral reef scenes. To me the two techniques perfectly reflect what it is like to be underwater - spectacular clear waters and bold solid colours of fish and coral.

I often take my own underwater images as reference for my pieces. There are also huge numbers of talented underwater photographers that showcase their work on instagram - generally they are more than happy to let me use their shots as reference and inspiration.

This year I am enjoying exhibiting my work more and art is taking up more and more of my career. It's awesome to share my work with fellow artists and ocean lovers.

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