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The Shell Line, Shingle Street

by Jane
(Suffolk, UK )

Shell Line, Mixed Media on Board

Shell Line, Mixed Media on Board

This is something of an experiment for me! The painting started out with watercolour washes which were then overpainted with acrylic and touches of pure colour added with oil pastels and pen & ink.

The second photo should tell you more about the Shell Line which is on a remote shingle beach in East Anglia, UK - it was created by two friends who were both recovering in serious illness and has been extended and maintained by visitors to the beach.

I'd love your comments on the painting - is it too gaudy ... does the shell line work?

Comments for The Shell Line, Shingle Street

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Oct 07, 2015
Interesing post
by: Anonymous

Fantastic article. I really enjoy reading your post. I found it very interesting in further thanks for sharing the info.

Aug 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

I knew the moment I saw the painting it had to be East anglia (from Norfolk myself) not heard of the shell line so double bonus an awesome and inspiring picture of inspiring people. Love the idea of mixed media don't have the courage myself. Your results make me want to try!
It looks just right.

Mar 02, 2015
Love your sky
by: Susan

Your painting is really nice. I like that the sky is very important, complimenting the foreground. Thanks for sharing!

Jan 06, 2015
She'll line
by: Anonymous

Love this painting beautiful colors and interesting story. Thanks for sharing

Oct 29, 2014
by: Anonymous

No it.s not gaudy at all. The shell line works and leads straight to the definite outlines of the buildings which complement the slightly surrealistic rest of the picture. I think it's cool!

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