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The Rise

by Jules Sharman
(Launceston Tasmania)

The Rise 51/77 cm

The Rise 51/77 cm

This is a recent painting I finished, and at the time working on it I can honestly say was the most enjoyable seascape I've done, until the next lol.

I began blocking in with Atelier Interactive acrylic then smoothed over with Archival oils. I loved the fluidity that happened naturally throughout the whole painting process here. I think because although I had a plan of the wave roughly I wanted to create, I was open minded and let the brush do most of the work.

At the moment I'm trying to push boundaries and improve skills on various levels. One being for this piece all colours used were mixed from primary colours in the wave. I'm pleased with the tones I achieved here.

I've started my next extra large close-up wave painting and am mixing all colours for that one as well - instead of green tones I'm making vibrant turquoise colours and look forward to sharing that one with you all soon.

I love looking at the art here, it's really enjoyable and great knowing that people like Mark and Frankie exist. I'm vastly learning and experiencing many artists are out to get exposed and be successful and along their journey stop supporting and sharing others work and talent which is sad.

Collaborating and sharing is much more advantageous than competing against one another in a fight for survival.

Thank you 'Explore' (M&F) for making this website for us to all enjoy and celebrate each others masterpieces.

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