The Big Brown Smear

by Allesha Martinson
(BC, Canada)

The Big Brown Smear

The Big Brown Smear

It started with a slightly damaged canvas that a friend had given me. My thought was to try something I wouldn't ordinarily try as this would not become a gallery piece.

So I grabbed paint in all the earth colours and a palette knife, and dragged, pushed and scraped away. My thought was to practise technique and pressure.

Happy with the muddy mess, I left it to return the next day. As I sat there with coffee in hand I started to see shapes and forms appear. Intrigued as I was, I got out the good brushes and started working on detail.

Not something I had planned for with this painting, but I became engrossed with creating a story as I worked.

Forgotten statue here, crumbled stairs there...something buried beneath the rubble. Next thing I know it's several days later and a full painting done with no real thought placed into it.

I had the best time with this painting and it all started with a big brown smear.

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