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by Jules Sharman
(Launceston Tasmania)



This is my story behind 'Strength'...

Proud I was opening my new business - sharing my life,
my dreams, my passion, that something special which fills my heart.

So happy I was…then COVID reared its nasty head,
One by one people suddenly fell – even the kind and smart.

It was then I realised I was the only one left,
Those who welcomed me to the Plaza no longer with me.

Borders closed, people stranded near and far.
So many tears shed, as I watched out the window - I see.

The CBD a ghost town, the majority unemployed,
Until goodness knows when.
I stand in shock – a city completely barren,
Except the odd few not staying in their den.

I realised I can’t fight this - it is what it is,
A new way of life begins in front of my eyes.
I plea “support local business” it can’t be that hard!
For now, I’m closed which hurts like demise.

Home schooling, no sport, no beaches, no camping,
As time passes - isolation now the norm.
I ponder just how many trials will I endure,
Exactly how many more horrid storms!

Frontline health workers smack bang in the middle,
Friends so dear separate from their brood.
Protecting them from COVID is what they intend,
And still others don’t respect just how it is so crude.

They say, “Stay the F*&$# at Home”,
Which to me sounded ever so rude at first.
It didn’t take long til hitting home,
I couldn’t do anything except mentally burst!

I no longer feel guilty because I know my place,
In the end will survive.
It pulled me down lower than I’d thought,
Being told from those who’d permanently taken a dive.

Regardless of public restrictions we always have options,
We can wilt and be blown away or
We can turn, face the sun and feel the warmth,
Believe we can do this plus so very much more!

It was in that moment I painted this piece,
And named it ‘Strength’.
As I am grateful to be isolating with family,
While everything I possibly need is within hands length!

Written by Jules Sharman 2020

Comments for 'Strength'

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May 01, 2020
Thanks Michelle NEW
by: Jules Sharman

Thanks Michelle kindly for your nice words - painting is a fantastic release that is image has been helping many lately. 2020 is definately a year we won't forget in a hurry that's for sure! Hope you and yours are staying safe and well x

May 01, 2020
Thanks Jacqui NEW
by: Jules Sharman

Hey Jacqui, thanks very much for your lovely encouraging words - very appreciated. We are so blessed having art to help us through these isolation days. I agree there's not a soul on the planet has been left untouched by COVID - so really hope we all lift our respect towards one another and Mother Earth - which is so needed. You and yours stay safe xx

May 01, 2020
Thanks Lyn Lewis NEW
by: Jules Sharman

Thanks for your kind words Lynn - appreciate your time commenting. I do believe we'll all be stronger at the end of this definately. It's been tough for all. Stay safe and well x

Apr 28, 2020
by: Michelle

Not only a beautiful painting , but very meaningful words. Words that we can all understand now, in all our unique ways.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful art and wise words x

Apr 28, 2020
Art from your heart
by: Jacqui Pemberton

Truly this is Art direct from your heart Jules ! And beautiful words with which you share such personal feelings I for one appreciate. The sudden arrival of COVID19 has turned so many lives around, with I’m sure, not one soul on earth untouched. During these challenging times those of us lucky enough to be able to turn to our art to express feelings is a true gift. Your painting "strength" to me brings me much peace as I lose myself in that blue ocean. Thank you for sharing it X

Apr 28, 2020
Stronger still NEW
by: Lyn Lewis

Straight from the heart... and like your words, your painting reflects the strength that we all need to go thru this, knowing that once we cross over, we will be the more stronger!

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