by Jules Sharman
(Tasmania, Australia)



I love disappearing to that zone when painting,

A wonderful quiet and serene place.
Worlds apart from hustle and bustle,
Far removed from reality to face.

It’s like I go into a temporary trance,
Feeling incredibly refreshed and alive.
Dobbing, blobbing and pushing around colour,
It’s this which makes me thrive.

Time passes tremendously quick,
Don’t get trapped by greatness or fancy scent.
See through those fruitless objects,
It’s time to be and do what’s meant.

It’s easy to judge and hold a stance,
It’s easy to side with what seems esteemed.
But beware as beauty only lies within,
Facades appear real and tend to be strong beamed.

Yet within fills with emptiness,
As bitter builds with atrocious greed.
So many believe this isn’t their way,
But lack compassion and need to take heed.

Be the one that helps build one another,
Provide strength and encouraging words.
Trivia to one may change another’s world.
See through the madness to fly free like the birds.

It only takes seconds to reach out,
To see the other side and be the real one.
Feel what it’s like in constant peace,
By showing genuine kindness is done.

Jules Sharman 2020

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