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Paul at the Beach

by Pamela Burger
(Akron, NY USA)

Paul at the Beach

Paul at the Beach

This is a surprise gift for a friend. It's based on one of his photos I stole from the internet. I turned up the saturation, contrast, and cropped it to a 1 by 2 ratio.

This is only about the second seascape I've tried (and succeeded at). I did some small ones recently on 3" coasters and they were easy because I didn't have to do much detail.

This painting is 12 x 24" (about 30x60 cm) so I had to do a better job. I still cannot paint all the layers of water like Mark Waller teaches. Can't get my brain to understand it and look at water objectively for some reason, but I think in this painting, I might have made up for that by using intense colors and all the foam details. There is also random texture on the canvas that I made with gesso before doing the painting.

It is also entered in my local county fair next week and I hope it wins a ribbon. Paul will really like that. He's someone who has encouraged me a lot in life so I wanted to do something for him. He deserves the ribbon too. :)

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