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Paradise Cove

by Kenny Mac
(Bend, Oregon)

Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove

I've been painting with oil and acrylics for 40 years.

My first interest was surf art. I grew up in Southern California and was emersed in to the surf culture.

20 years ago we moved to Bend, Oregon......another type of "paradise" that changed the way I would paint.

But I always had trouble making water look clear and WET. Looks like I found exactly what I needed! :)

This submission was done in oil. The “online” version of Surfer magazine picked it up and posted it. That was very inspiring to me! I was able to sell a few of my paintings; and although I was stoked; I was still unable to get my mind's eye around the process of transparency and reflection in water.

This painting is called “Paradise Cove”; and is done in oil. I know we are talking acrylics; but I thought I should show an example of where I’ve fallen short. My water looks more like “wet concrete”. See what I mean?

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Jul 27, 2014
Paradise. NEW
by: jagg

I love it, Its Paradise, a place where most can relate to.
Well done, but you know that already.;~] Cheers, tpj

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