Pair Of Beach Chairs

by Pamela Burger
(Akron, NY, USA)

Pair of Beach Chairs

Pair of Beach Chairs

I am a self-taught painter in the US. I have improved more in the last couple years just from a small handful of teachers on YouTube videos, Mark Waller being one. Before that I was pretty much at the same level for...I don't know, since the 1980s.

This is Pair Of Beach Chairs, each canvas is 15 x 30 inches. There is also some texture on the canvas because I painted over an old abstract painting.

I underpainted the whole thing in lemon yellow, and used 2 sized brushes and splattered on the sand. The reference photo I used was from I had cropped parts of it out and changed the shape.

I know some people use cools and purple in the shadows of sand, but I wanted the whole foreground to be warm tones. I am quite happy with it. Thanks for looking.

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