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My Personal World of Inner Peace!

by Jennifer Scicluna
(Gold Coast, Qld, Australia)

Coolangatta Break

Coolangatta Break

Hi Everyone, Happy 2024 to you all!

I am 65 years old and my painting journey has been a long one. My father was an artist and I had learned so much from him, always following him around with a pencil and journal even when we visited anyone.

I have always loved to draw but as a Mum of 3 boys life gets in the way. I have only in the last few years delved back into painting using all mediums but Acrylics are my favourite. I am a grandma of 4 now and teaching my grandchildren to draw and paint is a new kind of peace it is a blessing.

What I love the most about acrylics are their smoothness and flow, blending so easily making the image come alive as soon as it is spread on. It's taken a lot of years but I found my inner peace when I paint I just Love the serenity that surrounds me and that smell of paint! Absolute heaven!

Moving into retirement I am now busier than ever. I am also a Children's book illustrator and Paint & Sip Party Instructor.

Funny how life takes you on so many different paths and I love each one of them! So this is ME!

Here is my painting, my inspiration from a photo I took in Coolangatta while watching the waves break over the shoreline it's calming and just beautiful. I call it 'Coolangatta Break' I hope I have done it justice.

I do hope you all like it. Have a great Arty year everyone!

Thank you so much Mark for all your inspiration. Your art and your attitude to life I am so grateful to have found your wonderful paintings and Acrylics Anonymous site.

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