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by Jim
(Gold Coast)

Moonlight (after many changes)

Moonlight (after many changes)

This one started life as a practice during one of Mark's workshops. When I got it home I hid it for awhile and then decided to try to improve it.

After throwing some paint at it, all of a sudden the hills became clouds. I later decided that the clouds were too much and the hills reappeared.

I changed the waves a couple of times and Mark agreed that they didn't look realistic. The ratty pandanus on the left was an afterthought, to add some balance. The moon wasn't there originally and I had just lightened the sky to represent it. The added moon was another afterthought, as well as the stars. The highlights on the leaves went through many changes. White, various blues and finally off-white.

At that stage I signed it and quickly sealed it so I wouldn't fiddle with it any more.

Made a frame and whacked the painting in.

My wife loves it and won't part with it. Happy wife; happy life.

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Nov 08, 2013
Moonlight NEW
by: Jim

Hi Jane. Point taken about the waves. I need to take more notice of what I'm painting. Sometimes I get carried away and lost in my painting and think that if it looks ok, leave it alone.
I appreciate your constructive criticism. Cheers.

Nov 07, 2013
Love it NEW
by: Linda, Orlando, FL

I enjoy the stylized effect! The moon adds to the composition and to the way you did your lighting. I would love to sit back and have a cup of evening coffee over locking this scene

Oct 10, 2013
Interesting and tough topic NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi jim - what an interesting topic ... tough though. I've never tried a moonlight painting.

My only comment would be that I'm not entirely sure that the surf is fully correct. You've certainly got a lovely tube forming but from the small pic I can see online it seems that the surf on the two tumbling waves is only tumbling at one point rather than along the length of the tube - it may be that the surf is in shadow and I can't see in the small pic.

The foremost waves that are coming into the beach have surf all the way along which looks really good.

Perhaps Mark or Frankie can comment?

Nice painting!


Oct 08, 2013
lovely work NEW
by: Pamela Meredith

I like this very much you waves look good highlights goo and the highlights the moon light look great, you have done some wonderful work and you should be proud.

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