Misty Morning

by Cassandra Francis
(Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada)

Misty Morning

Misty Morning

I have been painting for about 5 months with many failures and a few successes. I am right handed and paint most days with my right shoulder partially dislocated. I have to support my shoulder with my left hand while I paint, I look quite comical while I am painting(according to my partner).

The painting I call Misty Morning was inspired by a recent trip to my hometown of Yarmouth NS, I went for a walk along the beach and there was a small home hidden by trees. It was early morning and the fog was retreating from the shore. I said to myself I am going to try and paint this scene when I get home.

Most of my paintings are created from a memory of places I have seen.

Sunset at the Beach I painted for a friend's fundraiser, I have not been very succesful capturing a sunset on canvas until I painted this one.

I closed my eyes and visualized a sunset and the creativity just seemed to flow through the brush onto the canvas with little effort, I was actually surprised when the painting was finished at how the picture seemed to glow.

I often get frustrated when I cant get what I see in my mind to transfer onto the canvas. Both of these paintings turned out exactly as I pictured them in my mind.

I am not sure why these two paintings were so much easier to create than many others I have done. All I know is I love to paint and no matter how many times I fail I will continue be creative.

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