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Luffing at Norfolk Point

by Kathy Jonas



I did this painting from a photo I took of a training Sabot crew at Norfolk Point at Manly on gorgeous Moreton Bay - I loved watching the wind spilling out of the sail and the boat struggling to gain some air and wanted to capture it on canvas.

I tried very hard to get the feel of the wind flapping in the sails, and Mark - always wonderful - helped me out, pointing out the reflected colours and strong tones in the folds of the sails, and the reflections of the boats in the water.

The challenge - to stop tinkering (Mark, you need to have a tutorial about "knowing when to stop"), to keep colours strong and try to be braver!

I'm having so much fun...

Comments for Luffing at Norfolk Point

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Sep 02, 2013
Memories NEW
by: Jimj

Your great painting brought back memories of when I was a kid holidaying at Lota and Manly was just up the road. I never learned to sail but even back then there was plenty of people who did. You've captured the mood just right.

Sep 02, 2013
Hi Fives, Gorgeous People! NEW
by: Kathy Jonas

It's so nice to have so much 'positivity' coming back in the comments posted - I've looked through everyone's submissions and they are all wonderful works in their own right, deserving of the praise they've received. What a talented bunch we are, don't you think? :)

To Mark, Nic & Frankie (who is getting a raise, apparently): The "Your Work" page is a great idea and provides a safe environment for us to strut our stuff, knowing we're receiving positive and constructive feedback. Well done, guys.

Sep 02, 2013
Beautiful NEW
by: Sami

I just want to climb aboard and sail away. You have done an awesome job

Sep 01, 2013
Wind In My Face! NEW
by: Frankie

Hi Kathy,

I've seen this one of yours before, but I really love looking at the movement in that sail - you can really see how the layers of colours you've used have made such a difference to the depth and dimension created in it. Well done Kathy! :)

Sep 01, 2013
gorgeous NEW
by: Pamela

this looks really gorgeous I love to sailing out there

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