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Harvest - advice needed please!

by Linda
(Orlando FL)



Well the seasons are not too fantastic in Florida but we sure have pumpkin patches! The first time I arrived in Florida we decided to go pick our own pumpkins so we followed the signs to the pumpkin patch. Low and behold it was just pumpkins on the ground that had been brought in from out of state. Lol.

This year I went to Bush Gardens with my daughter and grandchildren and took several pictures of their lovely pumpkin patches. So, to bring a little harvest home I painted this picture.

I would like suggestions on improving the painting. Does it need more highlights? More variation in textures? Sometimes I have trouble knowing when to leave a painting alone.

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Nov 23, 2013
Lovely mellow painting NEW
by: Jane (from UK)

Hi Linda - this is a lovely painting with a mellow mood - just right for Autumn / Fall.

One suggestion for adding more drama would be to darken the darks and lighten the lights / highlights to give a more 3D perspective ... this would include darkening the background.

However, you might not wish to risk doing any more to it ... and who could blame you as it's a lovely painting as is.

Best wishes Jane

Nov 13, 2013
Thanks NEW
by: Linda

Thanks Pamela, a second opinion is always welcome. I do tend to hold back with the brightest bights. I will take your advice and hit the highest areas again.
Blessings, Linda

Nov 11, 2013
they look good NEW
by: Pamela

you have done a good job on these it could do with a little light spots for where the sun hit the pumpkin other than that it is good hope that helps and I do like your painting

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