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Granny's Copper Ashtray

by Barbara Beneke
(Pretoria, South Africa.)

Granny's Copper Ashtray

Granny's Copper Ashtray

When doing a study of composition in painting class, I took these objects along, including my granny's copper ashtray in the shape of a hat.

I was told that uneven numbers works best for still life paintings, so I did just that for my composition.

I love colour, and lots of it. The fabrics in the background are interesting to me because of the texture. I tried to show the raised pattern on the ocre panel.

I enjoyed painting it.

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Feb 10, 2014
Lovely NEW
by: Carole Elliott

You have done a really lovely job of this painting! The different patterns and textures of the fabrics are wonderful, as is the shine on the copper ashtray. You have also used a complementary colour for your shaded areas which I feel brings the whole composition together. Great Job!

Feb 10, 2014
Great textures NEW
by: Jane (from UK)

Hi Barbara - I'm really impressed with the way you've captured the textures in this picture. I can almost feel this different fabrics. Nice colours too - they work really well together!

Feb 06, 2014
Great still life NEW
by: Anonymous

Love the tones in your painting and the fact that you have something of your grandma included.

Feb 04, 2014
wonderful still life NEW
by: Pamela Meredith

lovely still life wonderful work

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