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Fearless Frog

by Mike "Morphd" Montgomery
(Fort Worth, tx)

Fearless Frog

Fearless Frog

One of the ways I have found to assist in marketing my art and subsidize my income from art is to teach what we call in America "Sip and Paints".

This is where we teach or lead a group of local non-artist in a paint night. Some who go have ability, some don't and want to learn, it is a social event. We pick a painting (usually one we the artist leader created) and we show the class how we did the painting and they follow along with us while sipping on an adult beverage of choice. They are lots of fun, and get more exposure to our communities when we interact with people.

For this reason alone, I have made several "Sip and Paint" ideas that I know can be taught fairly easy within 2 hours. My rule of thumb is, if I can to it in about one hour, I should be able to teach it in 2. I am learning to be less detailed and more simplistic in my approach to a subject so that I can teach the class. My goal is still to have a piece that is fun and teachable while still looking like art.

Most of the local sip and paints do really elementary type paintings, which are fine and fun but I want to give something to the class that will challenge them and hopefully inspire them while making something they can proudly display at their home. This is very tight rope to walk. I have to break out of the sip and paint mentality with some regularity so I can still grow as an artist and challenge myself. Otherwise I begin to turn out too many smaller paintings with lack of interesting subject for me.

In this vein, I have painted this painting for one of the sip and paint classes. I have not taught this one yet, but I think on the surface it is intimidating for this type of audience while on the practicality level it is very easy to paint.

We named it "Fearless Frog" and it is my second version of him since the first one sold quickly. I am sure it will change slightly every time I lead a class, but in it I used a lot of Mark's techniques. Gradations, washes/glazing, dry brush and the play of light and dark to create texture visually. I am very excited to teach this one!


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Aug 17, 2016
Most inspirational frog painting I've ever seen NEW
by: Linley

He made me want to leap out of my chair and go paint him immediately. Appreciate your generosity in giving instructions. Gotta go!

Mar 01, 2016
Frog instruction NEW
by: Morphd

Adina, no I have not videoed this particular painting. Maybe I will soon and post it up on my youtube channel. Despite it's bold representation, it is rather simple to paint - this is why I make such paintings for the classes. I have a limit of 2 hours to get my class through a painting, so I try to find things that are different and fun while still being more artistic than most of what I see other shops doing all while getting it done in 2 hours.

the steps are:
1. paint your background black.
2. Once dry, put the tree in using greys with blue and black as you want that shadow to blend into the background. Let this step dry.
3. paint the basic shape of head and torso of frog using only white.
4. put in the white, light blue and yellow specks on the tree and branch.
5. come back to the frog and use green, blue, red, and yellow to build color for head and torso, let black come between the sections like floating body parts, this is the deep shadow on the body.
6. hit the frog with some highlights and finishing touches. You should be done at this point.

I will work on putting that video together, but it might be a slightly different frog, yet the approach will be the same.

Cheers, and thanks for reaching out!

Mar 01, 2016
I want to learn to paint this frog too NEW
by: Adina

How can I learn how to paint this frog? Do you have any online instruction for it? It is adorable and I must paint it....;)

Mar 01, 2016
Enjoyed NEW
by: Susan

I enjoyed your article! I'm an artist for Wine and Canvas and I struggle too to create a painting that's simplistic, yet creative enough to wow a crowd. Yes, people do have to sign up before you can paint! Cute frog!!

Nov 01, 2015
Thanks to all NEW
by: Morphd

I love seeing your great positive feedback. I had 21 people attend this class, it was a blast and fun. We had time at the end for embellishments. Some added a cigar along with me, others a paintbrush, and a couple a little funny looking cigs.

I paint these type things regularly now, at least twice a week. Hope you all get a chance to attend something similar, they are very fun and great way to spend a couple hours for the night.


Nov 01, 2015
Adorable! NEW
by: Linda

So adorable. A great one for your class. They have the same classes all over the Orlando area , and they are quite popular.

Sep 05, 2015
Like the idea of sip and paint NEW
by: Jenny Penny

This site, gives me a smile when I need it most. Thankyou to you all who contribute.

Sep 03, 2015
Want to do it too NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I lovr your painting! I am always drawn to COLOUR! Can't attend, though because I live in South Africa.

Sep 01, 2015
Sounds like a plan Jim NEW
by: Frankie

Love the idea Jim. But could get even messier than a normal Mark Waller workshop ;) Something over summer perhaps?? Will float it by Mark. Maybe we should make him have a few beers first, put us more on an even playing field?? Ha! Who am I kidding. xo Frankie

Sep 01, 2015
Sip and paint frog NEW
by: jim

Good one Mike. I like the frog and should be a lot of fun during a sip and paint session.
I really like the idea of sip and paint, now I'll just have to sell the idea to Mark and Frankie for the next workshop, although it could also be a disaster for an end painting.

Sep 01, 2015
Love it! NEW
by: Pamela Price

I love the frog painting! It's so cute and colorful!

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