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Chocolate Lab Memorial Portrait

by Pamela
(Akron, NY USA)

Chocolate Lab Memorial Portrait

Chocolate Lab Memorial Portrait

I was asked to do a portrait of someone's pet dog who recently passed away. This would be the 3rd dog portrait for me. The reference photo was so good I thought "How am I going to make a painting that looks as good as that?" It turns out, after a while, the painting starts to have a life of it's own, and I think it came out nice artistically.

I laid in colors starting with the extremes of the darks and lights, then gave warm tones over that, and just kept scumbling paint in places, layering and adjusting. Toward the end I focused more on the details of her nose and left eye. I am happy with it, and we get to enjoy it here at home until I deliver it to the new owner in a couple weeks.

I used a primary palette only because I've seen so many artists recommend that. I think that helped with overall harmony. And I painted much of the beginning steps with it upside down. That was the first time I did that and I kind of liked it.

Honestly though, the last 2 of the 8 hours this took me to do--I didn't feel like I was in control of it. I can't describe what i did, but somehow it developed into this semi-realistic style I like.

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Jan 09, 2017
Thanks! NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you Henry. And sorry for your loss. I haven't had a dog for a pet yet for that reason--afraid of losing them.

Jan 08, 2017
Chocolate lab memorial NEW
by: Henry Levenson

What a wonderful painting! Reminds me of my lab,Cody, who died a year ago. Thanks for this remarkable remembrance.

Aug 02, 2016
Thank you NEW
by: Pam

Thank you Barbara! I'm flattered. I hope you do paint your son's bulldog. I look forward to seeing it posted here. Good luck!

Aug 01, 2016
Tears in my eyes NEW
by: Barbara

When I saw your painting of this beautiful dog, I immediately welled up with emotion.

You've inspired me to tackle a painting of my son's sweet and now deceased bulldog.

This will be an ambitious project for a beginner such as myself, but maybe my painting will paint itself, too. lol

Feb 06, 2016
Ooops NEW
by: Pamela

Thank you Annette, for mixing my painting up with something of Mark's. That's a huge compliment, lol. :D

Feb 06, 2016
Fab lab NEW
by: Annette

Hi Mark
I adore this fab chocolate lab painting so much. I love the look in the dogs eyes and lovely shiny look of graduated colour on the fur. You are amazing and I am learning so much here.

Feb 03, 2016
Thank you NEW
by: Pamela

Thank you very much for those kind words Bonnie. :)

Feb 03, 2016
So well done! NEW
by: Bonnie L Fontaine

This is a beautiful, loving portrait. It is also technically well done. I understand what you say when you describe that it didn't seem to be "you" painting after awhile. I have experienced that. It feels like something is painting "through" you, and you are just the conduit. I LOVE when that happens! I look back on those paintings and think,"who did that"? Well done!

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