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Carefree Caribbean

by Morphd Mohawk
(Fort Worth, Texas)

Carefree Caribbean

Carefree Caribbean

This past July my wife and I went to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in celebration of our 30 year anniversary. Since this was a rare chance for me to attempt an on site painting in the outdoors of one of my favorite subjects, I packed a few things and planned to paint a little. I managed 5 paintings in the 8 days we were there, I gave two to the resort we stayed at since they were so encouraging and helpful to me during my stay. They were very happy to have them (even if super small).

While there I did find a legitimate art store, as I was running low on white, where I will plan to buy more canvases when I return for more painting.

The Caribbean has a way of really jumping out at me, I can stare at the water all day and this is what this painting was about. Just the sky and water, no boats or people doing any water sports. This is a little unusual for me as an artist as I think there should be something in the painting, not just the water and sky I see.

However, every time I look at this painting I am drawn into it even without any actual activity going on.

Thanks for checking it out. I have more located at


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