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by Vivi Li
(Minneapolis, MN)



I started this project in high spirit. I met with my client and had a good understanding of what she passionate about. Purple. She said that it is relaxing to her. As I prepped the canvas I started to feel the warmth and serenity of the night sky.

Once we had the imprint down-she only said you will make it a masterpiece. No pressure there. I struggled for weeks and weeks about the way the imprint made her appear.So-the questions came. Screw with the integrity of the imprint and cover it up? Should I leave it knowing it was misleading?

I took the cover up approach. I leap of faith and met with yet another disaster. Blotchy spots galore. To remedy I had to literally cover the entire canvas except for the imprint.

After letting that dry I was again inspired and saw how it looked like she was floating in the sky like her own constellation. So I set out for completion. Some outlining and stars. And my biggest challenge is to stand away and let well enough alone.

Big Thanks to Frankie and Mark for all of your support and guidance throughout this journey.

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Nov 07, 2013
Really interesting commentary NEW
by: Anonymous

This must have been quite a challenge! I'm assuming the painting must be quite large ... is it canvas or a different support?

Quite a dilemma as whether to use artistic license or not - it's interesting when painting boats you sometimes have to paint what looks right rather than being strictly accurate - from some angles boats look distinctly odd and I would guess that pressing human flesh onto a canvas would really give some odd shapes so I am sure you did the right thing.

Would love to see a larger image or better still see it for real. Well done - great piece ... and great tact too!

Oct 29, 2013
good NEW
by: Pamela

good work nice abstract

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