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Artistic License?

by Deborah Carroll
(Amelia Island, FL USA)

A View of Gold

A View of Gold

I was asked by a friend to paint a view of his marsh. He had just moved into his million dollar home and wanted the painting to be 4' x 5' (no pressure there - and I had never seen his marsh the way he wanted it as describe below).

He provided me a photo to work from. He wanted a golden marsh at high tide, a sailboat in the distance and a few spoonbills. They are usually quite pink but he hates the color pink. I was so lucky to come across this website and look at the many tips. I had started using Atelier Interactive paints about 2 years ago but had never used any medium. Most of my paintings were small.

I quickly found out when I started this very large painting that I couldn't get a large brush stroke all the way across the canvas before it started to tack up. I had the clear painting medium, the unlocking formula and the fine mist sprayer. It definitely was a learning curve.

I'm attaching the photo and the finished painting. The painting is not as bright as the photo shows.

Comments for Artistic License?

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May 03, 2015
Absolutely beautiful NEW
by: Gail

I would love to be able to paint like that. I like
Atelier paints too but I am still on a learning curve.

May 05, 2014
reflections NEW
by: Dennis, Orange NSW

The sky reflected in the water is good. Has a brightness to it that would be realistic I'd imagine. One of the comments talked about wading through the alligators live in that marsh?

Sep 02, 2013
Fantastic NEW
by: Jim

I can only endorse the other comments. Terrific job.

Sep 02, 2013
Thank you NEW
by: Anonymous

Your comments are very encouraging. My husband and I delivered the painting to them last night and they loved it. I have to admit it did look very nice in their home.

Sep 02, 2013
Beautiful Florida NEW
by: Jane

It's lovely!

Nice dynamic between the yellow and blue and a great sense of distance too.

Must have been a really interesting challenge working on such a size particularly when you normally work on much smaller pieces!

... hopefully you friend will commission lots more pictures!

Sep 02, 2013
Well done NEW
by: Sami

I would love to see this in real life. It is beautiful and I just want to go for a wade through those marshes.

Sep 01, 2013
Well captured! NEW
by: Frankie

Hi Deborah,

Thanks so much for submitting your painting - I think you've done a great job within the very specific parameters your friend has set for you! Ahhhh friends....gotta love 'em!

Sep 01, 2013
beautiful NEW
by: Pamela

this some beautiful work love it

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