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Angel Mine

by Toni Stritzke
(Perth Australia)

Angel Mine

Angel Mine

This was part of a 30 day challenge. The idea being, that you have to change your canvas every day for 30 days.

It sounds easy but it was a big challenge to give up something that you really liked! I noticed some challengers were sneakily “tweaking” in order to hold on to what they had.

But on my fourth day, I knew what was on the canvas was old, derivative and I had not made any breakthrough.

So I grabbed a pink acrylic that I hate and threw it all over the canvas.

The fifth day, I thought I saw some pink galahs (I’m from W.A.)

The sixth day, I used the top of a tube of orange to mark-make then some bold red.

The seventh day, I was about to toss the whole canvas in the bin when I saw an eye. So I got some titanium white and a kebab stick (one of my favourite tools) and started to draw.

I was tempted to “fix” the wonky eye but was persuaded to leave it.

It’s one of my odd paintings but I’m really pleased with it because it’s only mine, Angel Mine.

P.S. I did not finish the challenge; too hard.

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