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Alley Way Montreal Quebec Canada

by Michael Landry
(Beaconsfield, Quebec Canada )

Toboggan Ride

Toboggan Ride

I was asked by a friend to paint an alley way in his hometown. I searched and found a photo of a winter scene . Coincidently, he recognized it as the alley way where he played when he was a child.

I used a few techniques learned from Mark’s teachings, namely: providing proper perspective of the buildings, creating depth and the illusion of distance. For example, the long and narrow alley way.

Also, I was cognizant of values and shadowing in painting the large fence and the barn on the right. Also, insuring the viewer was aware of footprints in the snow as well as reflections on the trees and snow banks. The painting was an acrylic on a 30 x 20 canvas.

Thanks Mark! You are an amazing teacher, describing and demonstrating useful techniques in an effective and meaningful/fun manner. I began painting a few years ago after suffering from Lyme Disease.

I found myself in deep depression and for some reason I began painting without ever having a lesson. Mark you have been an incredible inspiration, especially with the health challenges you have recently faced.

I have now become a commissioned artist and you are a huge part of my success. Wishing you continued good health and happiness! Sincerely, Mike Landry --MONTREAL CANADA

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Oct 09, 2021
Barb NEW
by: Anonymous

I just came across your painting Mike, it is
truly lovely. I love it.
I am so happy that you became an artist!!

Best Wishes for continued success!!

Friend Barb

Mar 10, 2019
Beautiful Painting!!
by: Anonymous


I love your painting, the perspective is great, your colors are vibrant and you have so much details.... incredible.

Living on the South-Shore of Montreal I can appreciate all the work involved in your painting....with the temperature, the thinly clouded sun that changes the colors.

C'est vraiment beau... It's really beautiful

Au plaisir de voir d'autres toiles de vous. Hoping to see more of yoru work.

Simon Hamel

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