Abandoned Farmhouse

by Larry Baker
(Sunrise, Florida)

Abandoned Farmhouse -  acrylic on canvas panel

Abandoned Farmhouse - acrylic on canvas panel

Abandoned farmhouses fascinate me. They make me wonder what life was like when it was new. Was a family raised in it and where are they now? What was the reason the occupants left? Was it because the kids left farming to find different jobs, or maybe farming got too hard for the older folks?
Many times, the land has become so valuable that the farmer can’t afford the taxes and has no choice. Often times developers want the land for housing. When that happens, the land can no longer be used to produce food, and it can never be recovered. I find that sad. Wind and weather will take its toll on this abandoned farmhouse, but until then, it sets in a quiet field of grass.
Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
Catherine Jane Joy

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