Still Waters

by Carol

Still Waters

Still Waters

This painting will go up for auction to raise money for my local pregnancy center. I started a Facebook group called Created For His Glory, so other artists who have a passion to help with crisis pregnancies can sell their work and raise money for their local pregnancy center. The title "Still Waters" comes from the 23rd Psalm..."He leads me beside still waters..."

I volunteer at a ranch that helps veterans overcome PTSD through equine therapy, and will be teaching a painting class similar to those taught at parties where a "twist" is involved (you know the ones). Horses will be our subjects of course.

Thank you for this site as I find myself in what I call "artist's isolation" as that is what is required of us to produce our art. Yet we need each other to share what works or what doesn't and to give REAL feedback on our work. Friends and family will always tell me that my work is wonderful, but I crave real discerning feedback. Perhaps "your perspective needs correcting", or "you need more highlights or lowlights or you have too much, or the colors are a bit...." Specific and targeted feedback is great. My eyes get really tired of micro focusing on my paintings and attempting to make it all work. I think it takes other artists to help in that regard.

So thanks again for your help and advice, and God Bless!

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