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Acrylics Anonymous, Issue #018 -- Direction, Movement, Action.
July 01, 2013

1st July 2013, issue 018

Passionate about painting with acrylics? Need a monthly fix chock full of inspiration? Need some help to take the pain out of your painting process? It's all here for you. Acrylics Anonymous. Zero elitism. Dive in.

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Every month, we will produce a Subscribers Only "sealed section". It could be a painting technique, a short video tip, or anything we can think of that we reckon you might enjoy.

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A short clip from Mark's studio files for your Sealed Section this time - a quick tip on creating instant action in your ocean paintings.

Using dry brush technique, this is a great trick to try on your next wave painting!

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Suggesting Movement

You can suggest movement in waves by running lines of waves towards a particular area, in a roughly parallel fashion.

Get it right and the viewer's brain will do the rest!

Dry Brush Technique.

Yes, yes, brush technique, shmush technique - we know! But dry brushing? Such versatile effects! Check it out.

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Lennox Workshop in July!

Learn how to capture that all important light in your paintings in Mark's 20th July Lennox workshop. Places are limited to 10.

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Site Changes

You might've noticed a few little changes here and there to the Explore Site. We are in overhaul mode! In the next few months hopefully you will find it easier to a) find your way around and b) discover more useful painty stuff!

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****News Just In!****

Mark was recently filmed for the TV show Colour In Your Life - very exciting!

His episode will air on Sunday the 21st July at 7pm (in Australia) - channel 4ME, channel 64 in regional centres or channel 74 in capital centres.

The show will be uploaded to social media at the same time, and viewable across the world. I'll attach a link for you in next month's AA.

Donna Beverly is a talented and experienced acrylic artist based in Oregon. I took to her "wind series" immediately (no, not cause I had beans for lunch ;) as it grabbed that sense of captured motion that I was hoping to illustrate with this month's AA.

Donna's story is also one that resonates. Take the time to have a read about Donna - very inspiring.

Feast your eyes on some of Donna's works.

Found an article on our topic this month which you may enjoy - Elements of Art: Movement and Time.

It's a little heavy on the info side and a little light on the fun side, but hopefully you may still find it interesting, as we did!

Time and movement in art.

If you have a link you like, please share it with us! You can contact us to let us know. Thank you!

This is the section where you can "get your name in lights!" (well at least out there in the internet world!).

If you have works in progress you would love to show off, or finished pieces you are particularly proud of, we would love to see them!

We especially like to hear about the story behind the creation.

This months' WIP comes from our talented South Coast artist, mum and all round good dude, Penny Stanton, with her painting "Chasing The Clouds Away".

From Penny:

"A friend asked her husband to commission a painting for her 40th birthday gift from him. What a lovely friend! The brief was very open as she had no idea except that it needed to be large to fit a particular wall in her home. I took a look at the space and found a lot of white open space, with dark brown trim, dark brown leather sofa, & celadon coloured carpet. The husband likes to gaze out the front window at the cow pastures across the road which are predominantly yellow at the moment with winter. They have two children they adore a girl and a boy. I came away thinking I’d like to bring some golden light into their family space, some warmth and colour.

I used the Atelier Interactive paints - a blend of Blue Black & Titanium White, to create a sense of clouds moving away being pushed by wind, like a storm being told to move on.

Then I anchored the sky with the landscape horizon lines.

Next came the tree. I feature this tree in a lot of my paintings, inspired by a tree at my sisters place out at Bylong. I visit there several times a year and always watch this old grey tree and the contrast it creates sitting in the middle of this field of green lush lucern feed. The contrast is quite sharp and I always thought the tree was dead. Last time I visited it was covered in bright green new leaves and shoots. It had been dormant - waiting to bloom, it had been full of life all along! So I wanted to pass this sense along in my tree - not to mention the sense of movement in the grasses waving in the wind.

The details of the tree and the grass were quite laborious, getting the idea of the golden light and sunshine into the painting from what’s happening outside of the scene. That dark to light, warmth to shadow.

Next step was to get the children into the grass, running through the wheat-type field, chasing something.

Then came all the wheat flowers, they took many hours! Bedding them in with the blowing grasses over the top…..sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and settle into the process of ….. grass!

Finally the kids needed to be chasing something more than the clouds, running with the wind. I felt I needed to say it was a little more windy, so I put in a scarf blowing away with the children trying to catch it.

The scarf ended up reminding me of Dali. I really enjoyed painting it and that was how the celadon colour got into the piece (Actually another favourite colour, Southern Ocean Blue – Matisse).

And then it was done!"

Thanks so much for sharing Pen - what a top job you've done.

Hope you enjoyed this issue of Acrylics Anonymous! If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback for the ezine or our site, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Until then, make sure you chuck some paint around!

Cheers from Frankie, Mark & Nic :)

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