"What the *%^$#@ is a webinar??"  I hear you ask.  Glad you did.  Many people have many different definitions.  

Basically, a webinar is a one-to-many presentation using the internet, and involving a screen share situation and possibly a web cam (by the presenter).

Our webinars are an opportunity for you to virtually "attend" an interactive tutorial with Mark, if for some reason you can't attend a workshop.  (Flights are too expensive, you feel a bit shy, or some other lame excuse like that ;)

Our format is simple - a "start to finish" painting tutorial, broken into four-five sections with Mark demonstrating each section, with a timed question and answer session in between.

In order to attend there's a couple of things you need:

  • A strong internet connection
  • Plenty of data availability (it will use data similar to a Skype call)
  • About an hour of your time.
  • A home computer, laptop, or tablet; Mac or PC.  Android & ipad tablets are fine.  
  • Up to date flash player.

Our webinars are simple to join - only a couple of clicks to accept the invitation, register and complete a simple online form, make your payment and login on the day.

AND - No downloading any software!  Bonus!

The webinar session will run for approximately one hour.

All our sessions are recorded and then offered as a link for download to the participants afterwards.  

If you missed out on attending, you can still access the recorded webinar for a nominal fee.  Double bonus!

Sea, Sun & Shadows - Deconstructed
Friday 11th April 2014
10am - 11am EST

What happens to light and reflections at the beach?  

You will find out!

  • 1 hour interactive tutorial session
  • 4-5 stage painting process from start to finish
  • Question and answer sessions between each painting stage
  • Learn how shadows appear on different surfaces.  Dry sand, damp sand, wet sand, and in water.
  • Reflections and light reflected.
  • Learn some of Mark's processes to construct a light filled summer beachscape.

The webinar session will be recorded.  All registrants will receive a downloadable copy of the webinar. 

Session footage is now available.  Click here for more information.

Upon registering you will be asked to enter a password in order to log in to the webinar.  

IMPORTANT:  Please remember this password as you will need it to log in to the webinar on the 11th April!

**Please note - the video webcast screen you will see on the webinar presentation may be smaller than you expect (about 600px by 500px) - similar to the Youtube screen size.  

Here's a sample of what it will look like from your end (imagine though the perimeter of this photo to be your entire computer screen size).  

At this time we are unable to resize this screen - We really hope this will not deter you from registering for a great tutorial experience! (That is Mark on the left and me, Frankie on the right by the way ;)

....And here's a little bit of promo for you from the ExploreAcrylics Youtube channel:

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