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*NEW* Wave Fundamentals DVD

Mark’s “Wave Fundamentals” DVD tutorial builds on his DVDs “Water Fundamentals”, and “Water - Foam and Whitewash”, giving you the basics of wave anatomy and behaviour, and a step by step guide on how to create waves in two circumstances to bring depth and zest to your paintings.


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***suitable for all skill levels ***
***use acrylics or oils***

You will discover:

Mark Waller's new tutorial Wave Fundamentals - out now!
  • Learn the anatomy and behaviour of waves with simple diagrams and explanations.
  • Real world examples to illustrate the processes.
  • Simple colour mixes and recipes to accelerate your learning.
  • A simple process to understand how to create waves in different circumstances.
  • Following on with the basic science of water - reflections, refracted light and the behaviour of water.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to create realism in your waves using reflections.
  • Create the illusion of perspective, volume and depth in water.
  • How to add the details you need to bring life & movement to your paintings.
  • Expand your knowledge of painting water.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of waves.
  • Attack your beachscapes with more confidence. 
  • Translate these concepts to create your own amazing beach paintings from this day forward.


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Technical Info:

Running time approx 35 mins

PAL region free 16:9 (this means you can play on DVD players in the southern hemisphere, or on your computer anywhere in the world). 

Click here for our downloadable and streamable version of this DVD.




DVD sleeve printed on recycled card


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