Painting Aprons:

Original, practical and pretty darn cool (especially if that's all your wearing ;) - - your new painting apron awaits!

  • fully adjustable, generous, one size fits all
  • roomy, practical pocket on the front 
  • durable, machine-washable poly-cotton
  • lovingly pre paint-splattered for your convenience
  • each one unique to you
  • hand printed and painted by us with a lot of fun had in the process!
  • your choice of "acrylics anonymous" design on the side or along the bottom edge

AUD $25.00

Location of print


*disclaimer - may or may not cause increased attractiveness, may or may not improve your paintings, and may or may not make you feel like leaping around your lounge room sporting a paintbrush as a mic and belting out "eye of the tiger" at the top of your lungs.  However if it does have this result, please post on youtube & share with us -- laughs are always welcome at explore hq :)

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