Indian Women

by Debojyoti Boruah
(Assam, India)

Indian Women 1

Indian Women 1

Indian Women 1
Indian Women 2

I am Debojyoti Boruah from Assam, India. These two paintings are my first Acrylic portrait painting experiments. In earlier days it was quite challenging for me to paint a portrait with Acrylics because it dries so fast. But now after practicing a lot, the disadvantage is now the strength. I love Acrylics because it dries fast. I can explore many things in the quickest possible time.

I love this medium for its versatility. Unlike Oil, you don't have to wait too long to deliver a final product to the client, if it is urgent. Moreover Acrylic can tackle the humid weather better than oil. No need to worry about fungus, yellowing etc. I like its nontoxic and non-smelly nature.

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